• Original producer: Shine TV in association with Ziji Productions
  • Original broadcaster: BBC One

MasterChef is the worldwide hit show that sets out on a nationwide quest to find the best amateur cook in the country, whose talent, creativity, dedication, technical skill and passion for food could change their lives forever.

On-screen every hour of every day around the world, MasterChef is television’s toughest talent series and has become a truly global hit. Produced in over 34 countries worldwide, and broadcast in over 200 territories. MasterChef consistently tops the ratings charts in every territory, including major productions in the USA, UK, Australia, France, India, Israel and Italy. Reaching 200 million viewers, it has transformed over 100 amateur chefs into professionals and to date generated in excess of $270 million in global retail revenue.

The success of MasterChef is down to it being a highly adaptable format that taps into a global appetite for watching regular people fulfil their dream of achieving something quite extraordinary.

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